Aussie electricity is among dirtiest and most expensive in the world

Former CEO of oil and gas giant Santos, John Ellice-Flint, said that Australian energy is not only some of the “dirtiest” in the world, but also among the most expensive, reported the Australian Financial Review.

Ellice-Flint was CEO of Santos for 8 years, and now serves on the board of Infrastructure Australia, an independent body responsible for identifying and prioritising Australia's infrastructure projects. It’s from this position that the comments on Australia’s electricity have come, as Ellice-Flint argued that Australia needs a strategy in place to ensure clean, affordable energy in the future.

Australia has abundant opportunities for solar, wind, gas and coal energy production, but needs a strong plan to harness these resources.

"I'm ambivalent about the generating source for Australia's energy supply whether it be from renewables or thermal," Ellice-Flint said.

"As long as Australia's energy vision is to have an abundant supply of clean, affordable and reliable electricity that drives nationwide growth.”

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Despite the fact that Australia has the potential to create abundant renewable energy, Ellice-Flint felt the vision of an Australia run primarily on clean, reliable and affordable energy may not be a reality in the near future.

"At the moment we are far from this vision as we have the most expensive and dirtiest electricity in the world,” he said.

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