Australian energy bills soar due to coldest winter in years

As we farewell one of the coldest winters the south-eastern states have experienced in years, Australian households are beginning to receive their statements for the last quarter with around 50% opening a larger electricity bill than expected.

Of those surveyed, 32% said their winter energy bill had risen by up to $50 and 20% had a bill that was $110 higher.

While most participants said the larger electricity bill was a result of the colder weather, one quarter pointed to higher charges implemented by the energy provider.

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The study found 47% of Australian households were not happy with the size of their energy bills and one in five were unsure as to whether they were on the right energy plan. In fact, our research showed the average Aussie household could save up to $615 by switching to the cheapest plan available.

Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont said “these figures prove how much of a burden energy bills can be on the household budget and highlight the need for households to shop around for a better deal.”

“Households struggling with high electricity and gas bills should shop around to find the lowest cost plan for their needs given a few minutes of online comparison can deliver hundreds of dollars of savings a year. That money is better off in your back pocket than in the pocket of energy providers,” said Lamont.

When it came to paying back their winter energy bills, one in five said they would struggle and would need to look towards solutions such as drawing upon savings, cutting back on other areas or paying via credit card.

How will you cover the extra cost of a higher electricity bill?


Draw on savings


Cut back in other areas to pay for it


Pay on credit card


Pay late


Research was undertaken by PureProfile between 25 -28 August 2015 to 1,008 Australian residents via an online survey.


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