4 expensive energy habits to break this winter

There’s nothing better than curling up in front of the heater on a chilly winter night, right? But habits like keeping empty rooms warm or transforming your entire house into a sauna could be adding more to your power bill than its really worth.

Mozo recently asked 1,000 Aussies what bad energy habits they’re guilty of, and found that all up, we could spend as much as $1.09 billion this winter on things like tumble drying clothes and powering up electric blankets. But the good news is, there’s a quick and easy way to limit the damage done to your bank account - switching to a better value energy plan.

By scoring a better deal on your energy, you can enjoy those extra minutes under the hot water or a few extra degrees on your heater guilt free. So check out some red hot energy plan picks to get you started, then check out some of the bad energy habits draining Aussies budgets below.

Powershop - Auto Pay with Power Saver
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The Powershop Online Saver plan is good for the environment and your wallet. Powershop took out multiple Mozo People’s Choice Awards in 2018, and offers a 14% discount for paying online, on top of a 4% guaranteed discount for NSW customers. Plus, you can track your energy usage via the Powershop app to help you stay on top of your bills.

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If you’re after affordable energy with no lock-in contract in Victoria, look no further than GloBird’s GloSave plan. With two Mozo Experts Choice Electricity awards under its belt, this plan is budget-friendly and easy to manage, with a Melbourne based call centre to help you out with any questions.

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Sick of trying to untangle confusing discounts on your energy bills? Momentum Energy have fixed that problem, by offering up their SmilePower Flexi plan to SA customers with no confusing discounts - just great value rates. It’s also a plan you can feel good about since its backed by 100% renewable energy.

Energy Locals - Simple Saver
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If you’re based in Queensland, keep your energy cheap and homegrown with a Save Me plan from EnergyLocals. With an Australia-based customer service team, it’s super easy to manage your account, and the cost of your energy is based on a fixed fee and a transparent approach to pricing.

Australia’s expensive winter energy habits

So what habits are draining Aussie budgets as the mercury drops? Here are some of the bad energy behaviours that racked up the highest overall bills.

1. Taking a long, hot shower

Who isn’t tempted by a minute or two longer in a hot shower on a chilly winter morning? More than half of Aussies give in to this habit during the colder months, and at an average extra cost of $81 per household, that’s a combined extra spend of $365 million over winter.

2. Leaving the heat on for pets

We love our dogs and cats like family, so maybe it isn’t such a surprise to find that 11% of Aussies leave the heating running while they’re not home so their furry friend stays toasty. But at an added cost of $263 per household, that habit it set to add $249 million to the nations heating bill this winter.

3. Heating rooms to tropical temperatures

Raise your hand if you’re the 1 Aussie in 10 who pumps the heater high enough that they can wander about in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter. If you’re guilty of this, just know that you could be adding $105 to your bill - adding up to $96 million around the country.

4. Keeping the heater on when you’re out

Leaving the heater running while you’re not home so that you can return to a toasty house is a little luxury one in five Aussies are indulging in this winter. And that means racking up an extra $107 million in energy costs - a pretty steep price tag when an extra jumper and a pair of socks might work just as well.

Keen to jump on a cheaper energy plan so you can stay cosy and warm without breaking the budget this winter? Head over to our electricity cost comparison to see more plans.

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