Hydrogen and renewables in your home’s gas supply? Commission focuses on change

Gas burner on stovetop

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has released a consultation paper to review what changes to gas and energy retails rules are required to include hydrogen and renewable gasses in the domestic gas market. 

The consultation paper is the first step in setting up the national regulatory framework necessary for low-level hydrogen blended gases and renewable gases to be added to existing gas distribution systems and gas appliances in homes and businesses. 

By introducing blended gases into the energy market, the AEMC is looking to decarbonise the gas market, reducing emissions across the industry. 

‘Reforms in the regulatory framework will lay the foundations for the development of a decarbonised gas sector in Australia,’ AEMC chair, Anna Collyer said.

The review by the AEMC will explore both national gas and energy retail rules to determine what changes are needed to accommodate hydrogen and renewable gases. Aspects of the rules that need to be considered include:

  • Access to gas pipelines
  • Safe supply of low-level blended gases
  • Consumer protections including billing and pricing.

The AEMC says the difference in the energy density and heating values between the existing natural gas and the newer natural gas ‘equivalents’ may mean more or less volume of the gasses need to be supplied to a customer’s home. 

By assessing the necessary rules and regulations that need to be addressed in order to deliver the gas blends to homes, the AEMC aims to find the most efficient, safe and secure way to decarbonise the gas market.

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