The energy companies Aussies trust the most- and least

If you’ve ever been unhappy with your energy provider and wondered if the grass was greener on the other side, you could be right. Everyday Aussies have had their say, naming the most trusted, and least trusted, energy providers in a Roy Morgan survey.

The August data gave each provider a Net Trust Score (NTS), which was found by comparing how many Aussies trusted a particular provider, and how many didn’t.

Of the providers that had a positive NTS, WA government-owned Synergy came out on top, followed by Red Energy, Powershop, Kleenheat and finally Origin.

Qualitative research from Roy Morgan revealed that the key drivers of trust in energy providers were cheap prices, having a good history with the company and good customer service, amongst others.

On the flipside, the main factors influencing distrust were overcharging, dishonest behaviour, poor customers service and having a poor environmental record.

Providers AGL, Click Energy, Dodo, Energy Australia and Lumo scored the highest distrust scores.

Trust in energy sector remains low

Whilst the data revealed positive net trust scores alongside the negative, Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine has said that overall trust in the energy sector remains low.

“The energy sector is suffering a trust problem generally as high power and gas prices have been made worse by over-complex or in some cases unfair charging structures.”

Similarly, a June report from the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) found that only 39% of Aussies had trust in the energy sector, which could be due to multiple factors, including high energy pricing and regular coal and gas plant breakdowns.

“Growing distrust is a key driver of customer churn, and if ignored can end in serious reputational damage. It is the bellwether for a company with an unsustainable future,” said Levine.

Of the ‘big three’ energy companies (Origin, AGL, Energy Australia), only Origin recorded a positive net trust score in the Roy Morgan research.

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