NBN Awards 2020

Congratulations to the 2020 winners of Mozo Experts Choice Awards for NBN. With the network rollout of the NBN across Australia it’s more important than ever to compare available NBN plans to find one that meets your needs. Whether you’re streaming movies, working from your home office, playing online games or simply browsing the web, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards are the ideal place to begin your search for a great value NBN plan.

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What are the Mozo Experts Choice Awards?

Now in their seventh year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards are a place where we highlight the products out there that we believe offer great value to Australians.

For the 2020 NBN plan awards, we analysed plans from 105 NBN retailers.

“Finding a fast, affordable, and reliable NBN internet plan isn’t easy  as there are a  myriad of options out there. ” said Mozo Experts Choice judge, Peter Marshall.

“Whether the current climate has got you working from home, if you’re a Netflix buff or an avid online gamer who needs super-fast speeds, we’ve done the hard work for you.  Our Mozo Experts Choice Awards will help you find an affordable NBN plan to suit your particular needs.”

For details on how we crunched the numbers and determined our winners see our 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards NBN Plans methodology report.


What NBN plan is best for me?

Standard: Suitable for everyday internet use such as emails and social media, general browsing and basic streaming.

Standard Plus: Suitable for basic movies & music downloads, gaming, video calls and HD streaming.

Premium: Suitable for small businesses and working from home. Also great for intensive gaming using Steam, Xbox Live, PSN and HD streaming with large upload and download capabilities.


Contract Plans


Premium NBN Contract

This category assessed Premium plans with fixed term contracts offering the NBN’s top speeds and no data limits.

Clear Networks Logo


Clear Networks - Fastest

Tomi Logo


Tomi - Unlimited nbn Hyper

Vocal Logo


Vocal - nbn 100 Unlimited


Standard Plus NBN Contract

For this category, the judges looked at plans with fixed term contracts for the middle tier NBN speed, with no limit on data usage.

Belong Logo


Belong - Starter

Belong Logo


Belong - Standard Plus

Dodo Logo


DODO - nbn50

MyRepublic Logo


MyRepublic - Unlimited NBN Essential


Standard NBN Contract

This award was for people looking for a more entry level internet service that may not need the high speeds of other tiers, and have lower data usage. In this category, plans with a data limit of at least 250GB could qualify, as long as there was a substantial price benefit.

Activenet Logo


ActiveNet - Fast 300GB

MyRepublic Logo


MyRepublic - Unlimited NBN Standard

Tomi Logo


Tomi Unlimited - nbn Fast



No Lock-in Plans

Premium NBN No Lock-in

Plans in this category had to offer the top level NBN speeds, and have unlimited data allowance, but with no fixed term contract.

Accord Logo


Accord with Officeworks - Super Fast

Accord Logo


Accord with Officeworks - Ultra Fast

Barefoot Logo


Barefoot Telecom - Ultra

Mate Logo


Mate - Soul Mates

MyRepublic Logo


MyRepublic - Unlimited NBN 100/20

Spintel Logo


Spintel - Premium 100


Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in

Mid-tier speeds are enough for many internet users, so for this category the judges found those that had no contract, but the best prices on offer.

Accord Logo


Accord with Officeworks - Fast

Belong Logo


Belong - Standard Plus

Belong Logo


Belong - Starter

MyRepublic Logo


MyRepublic - Unlimited NBN Essential

Spintel Logo


Spintel Plus 50


Standard NBN No Lock-in

Servicing those with more basic internet usage needs, these plans are great for people wanting to avoid being locked into a plan for a set period of time.

Accord Logo


Accord with Officeworks - Standard

Flip Logo


Flip - Premium

MyRepublic Logo


MyRepublic - Unlimited NBN Standard

Spintel Logo


Spintel - Standard 25



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Judging Criteria for the awards?

Running since 2014, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards recognise products that deliver exceptional value or benefits to consumers Australia-wide.

See our methodology report for more detailed information on how we performed product comparisons and determined the final winners for the NBN awards for 2020.


Did you compare all NBN plans in the market for these awards?

In carrying out the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for NBN broadband services we assessed 105 retailers of home connections listed on the NBNCo website in April, 2020. Retailers servicing a limited geographic area were excluded, as were plans for businesses. There were 85 retailers that met the minimum support hours criteria.

We aim to include most NBN providers in the market in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. However, not every product on the market will be included in our review. Any product we review must be available in the market at the time of our analysis.


Did you compare all plan options available with each provider?

For the Mozo Experts Choice Awards, we compared the NBN plan options based on our key criteria and this is what we highlight on this page. Some of the NBN plans listed will have more options available or allow you to add on more data for an extra cost.


How do I choose the best NBN plan for me?

There isn’t one single best or cheapest NBN plan for everyone, but there is going to be a best plan for your individual needs. This is why we’ve reviewed available NBN plans based on a range of criteria such as whether the plan has a lock-in contract term or not, the amount of data included in the plan, and the NBN speed.

There are three main NBN speeds worth considering - Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium. The speed that you will need for your home will depend on the number of devices you have, and the things you’ll be doing on those devices like gaming, streaming movies or just browsing the internet. At the top of this page, we’ve included a quick summary of each speed to help you determine which NBN plan speed will best suit you.


Why is the evening NBN speed important?

The peak hours of home internet usage are between 7pm and 11pm. As this is the busiest time for the network, the typical evening speed is a much more accurate indicator of how fast your internet will be, rather than the maximum speed available on your plan.


Who are the Mozo experts?

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards are overseen by AJ Duncanson and Peter Marshall. AJ is Mozo’s Data Director. He is a data scientist and actuary, and has worked in financial services and product comparison for over 30 years. Peter has been in the industry even longer, and as Research Manager he leads Mozo’s team of analysts that perform all the analysis behind the Mozo Experts Choice Awards.


I work for a NBN retailer, how do we promote our win?

Please get in touch with us to discuss by emailing or phoning our account management team on 02 9037 4368.


About the NBN

The NBN is the national broadband network currently being built around Australia by NBNCo to provide all Australians with fast broadband and telephone services. NBNCo does not offer internet plans, they are simply responsible for the network infrastructure and rollout. To choose an NBN plan that will best meet your budget and needs, you need to contact a NBN retailer (like the ones listed above).


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