The best places to buy online alcohol and wine in Australia in 2021

People at a party toasting to the best online alcohol and wine retailers in Australia 2021.

The year of 2020 really turned the world of shopping and entertainment on its head. Among other changes, we transitioned from crowded rooftop cocktail bars to socially distanced balcony beers to help keep a global pandemic at bay.

Throughout this experience, we’ve come to rely on digital services and deliveries more than ever. So it’s never been a more appropriate time to celebrate some of Australia’s top-performing online alcohol retailers.

The Mozo judges analysed 37 competitors in the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Alcohol Retailers. They compared services using factors such as price, diversity of products, ordering processes, delivery experience and customer support. 

Below, you’ll see these assessment points for the best online alcohol and wine retailers divided into three broad award categories of Price, Product Range and Shopping Experience. Scroll beyond the winners to get a quick breakdown of each award category, or check out the detailed judging criteria in our methodology report.

Best online alcohol and wine retailers - Mozo 2021

Dan Murphys: Online Alcohol Retailer of the Year

For the second year running, major booze purveyor Dan Murphys has been dubbed Mozo’s Online Alcohol Retailer of the Year. 

The prestigious title means the retailer’s website,, has been ranked highest overall in its class. This year, Dan Murphy’s again scored a hat-trick of awards, taking home gold in all categories across Price, Product Range and Shopping Experience.


If you’re looking for great value in your online liquor purchases, fill a virtual shopping cart at BoozeBud. With its lowest price-match promise, has taken home a Mozo award in the Price category.


When it comes to an easy breezy online research and purchasing process, BWS has got you sorted. Head to to experience it all for yourself and find out why this online shop is a Shopping Experience winner.

Nicks Wine Merchants 

Want to experiment with new flavours at your home bar? Victorian-based retailer Nicks Wine Merchants has got you sorted with its online offerings at Winning in the Product Range category means there’s a huge range of plonk to pick from.

Beer Cartel 

Beer is booming, so we simply can’t ignore Beer Cartel as the most prolific provider when it comes to craft brews and beyond. Whether you’re after a hoppy fermentation or a malt-heavy mix, you’ll find more than 1,000 craft beers from this Beer Product Range winner at

Best online wine retailers - Mozo 2021

Just Wines: Online Wine Retailer of the Year

Once again, Just Wines has taken out the title of Mozo’s Online Wine Retailer of the Year. This award, as you might suspect, is pinned on the provider offering top vinous drops.

As it did last year, won an award in the Product Range category and was also highly commended across Shopping Experience. The Mozo expert judges didn’t include a price assessment for specialist online wine retailers, as the product range between them was too diverse.

The Wine Collective 

Across ordering, delivery and customer support, outshone its online wine retailer competitors, winning the Shopping Experience award.Langton’s 


From chardonnay’s to chenins, sparkling and rowdy reds, you’ll find them all at Winning a Product Range award means Langton’s was a stand-out in terms of wine variety and brand diversity, as well as things like packaging and places of origin.

Express online alcohol retailer of the year Jimmy Brings - Mozo 2021

Express online purchase and delivery of alcohol has been gaining momentum, so this year the Mozo judges created an award specifically for these lightning-fast retailers. They assessed six services promising delivery in under an hour, with speed, hours of operation and ordering options as key award criteria.

You may have come to know the black-and-white Jimmy Brings van as the king of this service, and the Mozo judges agree. With the promise to deliver beer, wine and spirits in 30 minutes, has won Mozo’s inaugural Express Online Alcohol Retailer of the Year award.

About the awards

If lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that the convenience of at-home ordering and delivery can often be essential. When choosing retailers to assess for these awards, the Mozo judges only considered digital offerings and door-to-door delivery services, not physical stores or click-and-collect options.

To be eligible for consideration, retailers had to operate across all state capitals (excluding the smaller scale express category) and offer subscription-free deliveries to allow for equitable comparison.

When awarding the Product Range winners, the number of options in each drink category  were assessed, with any out-of-stock products excluded.

After reviewing all potential online retailer candidates and excluding those with a limited range, the judges listed most of the beer, spirits and wine products listed for sale on the remaining retailer’s websites. Stand-out retailers were then awarded for having the largest total number of unique items in each category.

To assess the Price award winners, the Mozo judges went on a theoretical shopping spree. They selected a basket of 51 commonly purchased items and compared prices of those stocked at each retailer to find the highest average savings-per-item.

Analysis for the Shopping Experience awards required a few extra steps. Ordering was the first assessment point. It involved examining websites for efficient product search capabilities, information to help shoppers decide on a purchase, ways to discover new products, and the process of buying the products once selected.

Delivery was then addressed on the basis of how flexible and affordable the process was, as well as communication throughout the experience. This was based on available online information, as having dozens of booze baskets delivered to the Mozo judges was impractical, but also wouldn’t guarantee a similar experience for all customers.

Finally, support post-purchase was investigated. This included available details on returns policies and any assistance while shopping online.

Head to the Mozo Experts Choice Award centre for more details on these awards and the other kind of financial products Mozo assesses.About the awards

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