The cheapest online alcohol and wine retailers in Australia in 2021

By Niko Iliakis ·
Two people drinking beer at the beach after purchasing alcohol from the cheapest online retailers of 2021.

2020 has seen many of us become more acquainted with online shopping than we already were. But if you’re still unsure where to start when it comes to buying alcohol online, Mozo’s Online Alcohol Retailers awards have got you covered.

Our team of judges rounded up all the data they could on more than 30 online alcohol retailers. To determine which one was the cheapest, they produced a basket of 51 commonly held products and compared prices across retailers. 

This process extended to each of the three main categories – beer, wine and spirits – with our judges taking note of how much could be saved by shopping at the cheapest retailer over the most expensive.

In the end, two retailers stood out as having a higher average-savings-per-item across all three categories: Dan Murphy’s and BoozeBud. We’ve provided an overview of the two below, but for a full list of winners, be sure to browse our methodology report.

Dan Murphy’s 

Dan Murphy’s was a clear standout this year, taking home awards for not just price but range and shopping experience, too. The popular brand impressed our judges enough to be named our Online Alcohol Retailer of the Year. 

The Mozo researchers did a little digging into the average Aussie’s alcohol consumption and the average price across the three main booze categories to give customers a better idea of savings they could see in a year by shopping online with this award winner.

Using the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data*, they compared Dan Murphy’s prices to the assessed competitors and the most expensive retailer to come up with an annual savings calculation. 

If you bought your alcohol online at Dan Murphy’s, compared to the average cost of our basket of items, you could see yearly savings of:


BoozeBud has made a name for itself with its wide range of craft and boutique beers and personal recommendation service. And with its price match guarantee, you can be confident you’re getting your money’s worth when shopping for your favourite drinks.

Using the same ABS data, the Mozo researchers found the yearly price difference between BoozeBud purchases and the average competitor price (as well as the most expensive retailer).

If you bought your alcohol online at BoozeBud, compared with the average cost of our basket of items, you could see an average annual savings of:

Visit the Mozo Experts Choice Award hub for more details on the Online Alcohol Awards, along with a range of other product categories.

* To figure out the potential yearly savings we used ABS alcohol consumption data to estimate the average number of drinks consumed by each Australian in a year, then applied those numbers to our price research. 

Based on these estimates, the average total cost of alcohol each year if purchased at an online retailer is $1,807. That is made up of an average cost of $613 for beer, $805 for wine, and $389 for spirits.