Breaking Mews! Mozo Experts Choice Awards reveal the best pet insurance for 2019

Finding the best cover for your furry friend can be an arduous affair; there’s so much jargon and fine print to wade through, when all you really want to do is make sure that they’re taken care of. 

Well, if you’re constantly worried about having to pay a hefty vet bill then worry no more! Mozo has just unveiled (or unleashed as it were) the inaugural 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards.

Mozo expert, Peter Marshall explained that adding pet insurance to the Mozo Experts Choice Award lineup this year reflected the fact that the cost of keeping the fluffy members of our families healthy and happy can have a big impact on Aussie budgets. 

“We know how important it is for pet owners to find the right insurance for their dog or cat so they’re not left in the lurch with vet bills piling up if something goes wrong. For the Mozo Experts Choice Awards we read through all the fine print, Product Disclosure Statements and websites, to determine which providers really were offering the best cover,” he said.

“To choose the winners we compared the pricing and policy information for 28 different pet insurance providers. The Mozo awards recognised pet insurance plans of Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Value.”

For quality the Mozo experts looked for pet insurance plans with a generous number of benefits and a reasonable amount of flexibility with their options. 

2019 Exceptional Quality Pet Insurance Award winners:

If you want to make sure your fluffy buddy is covered for almost everything, then Bondi Vet, BUPA, Petcover, Petplan and Pounce Pet Insurance have plans for you. All of these providers won the Exceptional Quality award for their wide range of benefits, some of which included: a high benefit percentage, a generous annual benefit limit, dental cover, cruciate ligament treatment and routine care.

Cover for high cost items such as dental and cruciate ligament treatment scored highly when it came to awarding the Exceptional Quality award. Each plan is slightly different, but the Mozo experts deemed all of them worth investigating further.

Of course while we know that you want to cover your pet for everything, we also know that you might be after an insurance plan that’s a bit lighter on the purse. With this in mind, our Mozo experts did an in-depth assessment of the best value plans, giving awards to pet insurance providers for Exceptional Value in three categories: Accident Cover Pet Insurance, Comprehensive Pet Insurance and Accident & Illness Pet Insurance.

2019 Exceptional Value Pet Insurance award winners:

To select the winners we gathered and compared quotes for both cats and dogs of different ages, taking dog breeds into account, as an important factor for most insurers. The Exceptional Value Accident & Illness and Exceptional Value Accident Cover awards are a great guide if you want to hone in on good cover for injuries or illness or even both.

Pet Insurer of the Year for 2019

Finally, out of all the 28 different pet insurers the Mozo experts reviewed, Pet Insurance Australia managed to sweep up not one but three Exceptional Value awards. In fact, the experts were so impressed with what they found that they awarded Pet Insurance Australia the biggest crown of all; so let’s give three cheers for Pet Insurer of the Year for 2019, Pet Insurance Australia!

The Mozo experts were impressed with the provider’s Accidental Illness, Accidental Illness & Injury and Major Medical Cover plans. The plans cover a decent 80% of your vet bills and offer more flexibility with your excess. 

Want to read more about the winners? Check out the full list of winners for the Mozo Experts Choice Pet Insurance Awards 2019.