The best NBN plans for Aussie households in 2019

With so many providers on the market, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to their NBN plans. But not all carriers are created equal — in fact, you could be paying up to $780 more on your plan than you have to. That’s why each year we identify the best of the best in our NBN Mozo Experts Choice Awards.

In 2019, Belong emerged as the NBN Provider of the Year, impressing our judges with its no data limits, top-notch speeds and low prices. The carrier, a division of Telstra, racked up seven awards across its three offerings, making it the most decorated of all those we considered.

Along with NBN Provider of the Year, we also announced our NBN No Lock-in Provider of the Year, which recognised the best NBN plan for those who prefer month-by-month options over long-term contracts. This year, that title went to Tangerine Telecom, which scooped up five awards across the No Lock-in categories.

We considered 185 plans from 59 providers when determining the winners in each category. Our team of experts looked at download limits, speed, price, and the availability of technical support, with only the top 10% in each category able to lay claim to a Mozo Experts Choice Award.

Hundreds to be saved by choosing the right plan

So why is it so important we shine a spotlight on the best value NBN plans on the market? Well, one big reason is that so many people are in the dark about how much plans cost. And with so much variance in price, there are hundreds of dollars to be saved by picking the right one.

In fact, our analysis found that by failing to compare the plans on offer, Australians could be paying between $220 and $350 more on average across standard plus and premium NBN contract and no lock-in plans. 

Even more shocking, the cheapest Contract Standard Plus plan on the market is $660 while the most expensive is $1440. That's a $780 difference between plans that are more or less the same. 

“NBN is still new to many Australians and how plans differ is not that well understood,” said Mozo expert judge Peter Marshall. 

“Unfortunately, this is leading to many of us not doing our due diligence when we’re comparing plan options and NBN providers and we’re paying dearly for it.”  

So if you’re looking to sign up for a new NBN plan, or make the switch from an existing one, comparing plans on the basis of price, data allowances, and flexibility is an essential step in finding the best one. For a look at some outstanding options, check out the full list of Mozo Expert Choice Award winners.