Raise your glass to Dan Murphy’s, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards Online Liquor Retailer of the Year

From celebrations with champagne to barbeques in the backyard, Australians love their alcohol - and with online shopping becoming more and more widespread, you can now even have those six packs and red wines delivered straight to your doorstep. 

But with so many retailers out there, it can be hard to know which one has the top prices, product range, and ordering and delivery experience. That’s why Mozo’s team of experts have poured hours of research and analysis into finding and showcasing the best of the best in our Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Liquor and Wine Retailers

Mozo today revealed the winners, and we’re excited to announce that danmurphys.com.au has taken home the title of Online Liquor Retailer of the Year 2019, along with three other awards in the Price, Product Range and Shopping Experience categories. As part of the awards, our expert judges considered beer, wine and spirits as liquor. 

“Dan Murphy’s wins across the three categories show that it’s truly an all-rounder when it comes to providing Australians with the best value liquor,” Mozo’s expert judge, Peter Marshall said. 

“It’s great to see such a household name maintain competitive pricing and product ranges while also investing energy into making their online platform as user-friendly as possible.” 

Why did Dan Murphy’s win big? 

With over 220 stores across Australia, Dan Murphy’s has a history stretching back to 1952 when it was founded with a vision of offering the most extensive range of liquor at the lowest prices possible. Its online platform, danmurphys.com.au, have won multiple Mozo Experts Choice Awards for precisely these reasons - and more. 

Dan Murphy’s scored highly in: 

  • Price: Whether it’s beer, wine or spirits, Dan Murphy’s had consistently cheaper alcohol than its competitors. 
  • Product range: Among all the retailers assessed, Dan Murphy’s featured the widest range of beers, wines and spirits, giving Aussies more choice when it comes to different types of liquor and package quantities. 
  • Ordering experience: Tech-savvy or not, navigating around the danmurphys.com.au website is a painless exercise. The site lets you filter and sort results by style, region, brand and price, so that you can easily find what you’re after. And if you’re not sure which liquor to buy, the site also features customer ratings and reviews as well as expert scores.
  • Delivery options: Have work and won’t be home until 6pm? Or heading out in the morning to run errands? Whichever it is, you can rest assured that Dan Murphy’s delivers when it’s convenient for you. You can pick the time of day for delivery and have peace of mind that you won’t miss the package when it arrives.

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