Woolworths crowned best online grocery service by Mozo Experts and everyday Aussies

Experts and customers agree - Woolies is officially Australia’s best online grocery service. The convenience of ordering and having your groceries delivered straight to your door is something Aussie shoppers are excited about. 

Aside from being handy, shopping online could also mean you access perks, discounts, rack up loyalty rewards and perhaps best of all, fast, trackable delivery. But choosing the cheapest option, widest product range, and best ordering platform can be a little overwhelming. 

To make it easier… we have announced the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Online Grocery Service Awards and this year’s ‘Online Grocery Service of the Year’ crown goes to…


Woolworths came out on top of the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards as Online Grocery Service of the Year. Scooping up awards in every single category, in a win that well and truly ends this year’s supermarket debate. Woolies picked up awards across: 

  • Online Grocery Service of the Year
  • Cheapest Online Groceries
  • Online Product Range
  • Online Ordering Experience
  • Online Delivery

And Woolworths customers clearly agree with the experts’ assessment, after Woolies took out every award in our recent Mozo People’s Choice Awards. These awards asked 1,047 Aussie shoppers to rate their online grocery experience, including the range of products on offer, the freshness of products and the overall online ordering experience.

With online supermarket customers and the Mozo experts in agreement, it’s fair to say we’ve officially answered questions like... 

Which supermarket has the Cheapest Online Groceries?

It’s a debate that divides Australia... which supermarket is cheaper? Coles or Woolworths? 

Our experts compared a trolley full of 252 grocery items, and found that Woolworths came out on top for price. 

Based on a selection of groceries that households might have in their weekly shop, with a mixture of big brand and home brand versions, we collected data in 55 samples, on 5 different dates across 11 different locations. So we've definitely done our homework!

Which supermarket has the broadest Online Product Range?

One thing Aussies love as much as low priced groceries is variety in their options. Not only did customers award Woolies a Mozo People’s Choice Award in the Range of Products category, but our experts also named it a Mozo Experts Choice Award winner after analysing product categories including fresh fruit, cheese and chocolate. We looked at key factors, including:

● The number of different product varieties 
● The number of different brands of products 
● Different sizes of products 

Which supermarket has the best Online Ordering Experience?

With so many options for Aussies to get their groceries delivered, an easy to use, clear ordering experience is essential. That’s why our judges and considered how easy it was to locate items online. 

Aussies agreed… and so Woolie’s also walked away with an Online Shopping Experience Mozo People’s Choice Award along with a Mozo Experts Choice Award for Online Ordering Experience.

Which supermarket has the best Online Delivery?

Finally, when shopping for groceries online, you’ve got to get the groceries to your door. Our experts looked at factors like  the level of choice around delivery times, the cost of delivery and tracking options. 

To wrap up a massively successful 2019 Mozo Experts Choice, Woolworths was awarded best Online Delivery by both our experts and its customers based on affordable delivery and also the ability to track the driver on their live map service.

Find out more about the Mozo Experts Choice Online Groceries Awards and how our judges decide the winners.