iPrimus NBN Plans

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About iPrimus

For more than 20 years, iPrimus has truly embedded itself in the Australian telecommunications network. In fact, iPrimus operates its own fibre network in five of Australia’s biggest cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth). Knowing all this it’s not hard to see how this internet provider can offer top-notch NBN plans.

So top-notch are iPrimus’ broadband offerings, that two out of its three NBN plans just won a 2021 Mozo Experts Choice NBN Award. iPrimus’ NBN plans all come with unlimited data and a range of download speeds. Both its Standard Plus and Premium plans scooped up awards for best Standard Plus NBN plan and best Fast NBN plan respectively.

All iPrimus’s NBN plans are available on a month-to-month basis, so you won’t have to worry about being locked into a contract. Don’t have a modem? No problem, all of iPrimus’ plans come with a $70 set-up fee that includes a standard modem. Monthly costs range from $75 per month for the Standard Plus to $135 per month for the Home Superfast plan. 

On top of all this iPrimus also offers a 4G backup modem available for $15 per month (or $270 outright). Plus if you ever find yourself in need of technical support, iPrimus’ phone lines are open from 9am till 9pm on weekdays and 9am till 6pm at the weekend.

Keep reading for more on iPrimus’ award-winning NBN plans.

iPrimus’ 2021 award-winning NBN plans

iPrimus Standard Plus
  • 50Mbps advertised typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $75 per month
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If you’re looking for a broadband offering that will hold up with multiple users and HD video streaming, iPrimus’ Standard Plus plan might be worth checking out. In fact, this plan impressed Mozo’s research team so much that they awarded it a 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award for best Standard Plus NBN plan. It comes with a decent advertised typical evening download speed of 50Mbps and unlimited data. The plan is $75 per month and there is a one-off $70 set-up fee (although this does include the cost of a standard modem).

iPrimus Premium
  • 95Mbps advertised typical evening speed
  • Unlimited data
  • $75 per month for the first six months (special offer ends 31 July 2021)
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Are you tired of having your gaming sessions interrupted by a lagging internet connection? Or do you tune into a lot of video conferences? Stream 4K videos? Well this Premium NBN plan from iPrimus might be of interest to you. It comes with unlimited data and an advertised typical evening speed of 95Mbps. With all these enticing features it’s no wonder this deal won a 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Award for best Fast NBN plan. If you sign up before 31 July 2021 the plan is $75 per month for the first six months and $90 per month after that. Same as the Standard Plus option, there is a one-off setup fee of $70 to pay as well.

The set-up fee includes a standard modem, however, if you want to make sure you stay connected all the time (even during network outages) then you could opt for a 4G backup modem. With this modem your internet connection will switch to the 4G network during outages. The backup comes with a maximum 12Mbps download speed and a maximum 1Mbps upload speed. Just keep in mind this will set you back $15 per month for 18 months or $270 outright.

Other iPrimus NBN plans

As mentioned above, iPrimus offers three NBN plans in total. 

There’s the Standard Plus and Premium which both won awards and the Home Superfast plan. The last is based on the NBN 250Mbps wholesale speed tier, but does not currently have an advertised typical evening speed. For this reason it was not considered for the awards, however, iPrimus states on its website that it is working on providing this information, as soon as possible.

Here is the full list of NBN plans offered by iPrimus:

How to sign up with iPrimus

Convinced that iPrimus has the right NBN plan for you? You can click through to iPrimus’ website using the ‘go to site’ buttons above. Once there you will be asked to enter your address to check that iPrimus services your area. After that you can select the plan you’re interested in. You’ll be asked which modem you would prefer and which phone plan you would like to bundle your NBN plan with (PAYG is included in the NBN monthly price).

Finally, you’ll be asked whether you want to add Fetch TV to your plan for an extra $10 per month. You’ll then need to fill out your contact details. If you want to see what other NBN providers are available in Australia, check out Mozo’s list of best NBN plans in 2021.