Accord with Officeworks NBN plans

Father and Daughter sitting on the stairs using Accord with Officeworks NBN

If you’re on the hunt for a “No Lock-In” NBN provider with award-winning options across the board, Accord with Officeworks may be the right fit for you. Mozo experts compared 105 Aussie NBN providers, taking into consideration set up costs, monthly charges and modem pricing for the Mozo Experts Choice NBN Awards. And this year, Accord with Officeworks took out four awards across three categories: best Standard NBN No Lock-in, best Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in, and best Premium NBN No Lock-in. 

So no matter what sort of internet user you are, there’s really no reason not to consider Accord with Officeworks for your personal NBN plan.    

About Accord with Officeworks

When you think of Officeworks, your mind is likely filled with images of pens, paper, notebooks and binders. But, as of last year, it jumped into the world of NBN plans by launching Accord with Officeworks. 

Accord with Officeworks offers both Mobile and NBN plans, with a range of different options for both personal and business use. 

The personal NBN plans come in four tiers ranging from a standard plan with a typical evening speed of 20.6 mbps through to an ultra fast plan that has a typical evening speed of 80 mbps. All plans come with unlimited data, no setup fees and no peak or off peak limits attached to them. Plus, there are no fixed or “lock-in” data plans, so you commit to each plan on a month-to-month basis. 

Accord with Officeworks also offers around-the-clock technical support to its customers when they need it, operating 365 days a year (including public holidays).

Accord with Officeworks award-winning NBN plans


Standard NBN Accord with Officeworks features

Won Mozo Experts Choice Awards for: 

  • Standard NBN No Lock-in

Just need the basics when it comes to the internet? Accord with Officeworks’ Standard NBN plan comes with a 20.9mbps typical evening speed (NBN speed tier nbn25/5), which is a suitable speed for web essentials like surfing the internet, sending emails and downloading music. This type of plan is designed for small to medium size households with around three to five connected devices, so is best suited to a single person or couple, rather than a larger family.


Fast NBN Accord with Officeworks features

Won Mozo Experts Choice Awards for:

  • Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in

The Fast NBN plan comes with a typical evening speed of 43.6 mbps (NBN speed tier nbn50/20) making it ideal  for families that love to stream music, movies or scroll through social media. It can host three to five people using the internet at the same time.

Super Fast

Super Fast NBN Accord with Officeworks features

Won Mozo Experts Choice Awards for:

  • Premium NBN No Lock-in

Consider yourself a heavy hitter when it comes to using the internet? Internet enthusiasts can enjoy a typical evening speed of 80 mbps (NBN speed tier nbn100/20) with the Super Fast NBN option which allows users to stream music and video better, as well as access a wide range of media such as live online gaming. This plan is designed for large households that rely on the internet heavily.

Ultra Fast

Ultra Fast NBN Accord with Officeworks features

Won Mozo Experts Choice Awards for:

  • Premium NBN No Lock-in

Accord with Officeworks’ Ultra Fast NBN offers high speed internet for those that rely on the internet in everything they do, whether its streaming, downloading or accessing different types of media. The plan comes with a typical evening speed of 80 mbps (NBN speed tier nbn100/40) and is ideal for large families and households that can all enjoy using the internet from multiple devices at the same time.

How to sign up with Accord with Officeworks

You don’t need to visit an Officeworks store to sign up for an Accord with Officeworks NBN plan, you can do it completely online via the Accord website or through the Officeworks website. 

From there, click the “go to NBN plans” button and then select the plan you desire to sign up for. Remember, you will have to provide personal details and your address so that Accord with Officeworks can check if NBN is available in your area. 

Want to compare other NBN providers on the market before signing the dotted line? Take a look at the full list of Mozo Experts Choice Award NBN winners for 2020. Or if you need a full rundown of exactly what the NBN is, have a read of our comprehensive NBN guide.