SpinTel NBN plans

SpinTel caught our eyes this year with its simple plans, generous data allowances, and seriously low prices. There’s plenty of flexibility within its range of offerings, so you’re sure to find an option that’s perfect for you. And with five Mozo Experts Choice Award wins under its belt, you can be confident you’re signing up with a winner.

About SpinTel

SpinTel has been providing internet and telephone service to Australians since 1996. With a strong focus on customer service, simple plans and affordable prices, it’s managed to carve out a position as one of Australia’s leading telcos. 

When it comes to speed, you’ll be able to choose from three plans - Basic12, Plus50 and Premium100 - with 200 GB, 500 GB or unlimited data allowances available with each plan. SpinTel also gives you a choice between an 18 month contract (which scores you a $59 credit) and a month-by-month plan, which could be a good choice for anyone who wants to try out the carrier before they commit.

If you’ve got your own modem already - perfect! If not, you’ll be able to purchase a standard Spintel modem for $59, or an advanced modem for $99.95.

Throughout the month, you’ll get alerts whenever you reach 50%, 85%, and 100% of your monthly data limit, letting you know when you need to dial back your internet usage. And if you expect to cross the limit for the month, you can always purchase additional data. 

SpinTel award-winning NBN plans

Plus50 - 500 GB

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Standard NBN Contract

If your household contains up to 5 people who are fairly regular internet users, the Plus50 plan should be a good bet. For a low $54.95 a month, you’ll be able to stream music and video across multiple devices, check email and social media, and play online games without a hitch.

Plus50 - Unlimited

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in
  • Unlimited Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in

If your household contains up to 5 people who are fairly regular internet users, the Plus50 plan will make sure that everyone can enjoy their favourite internet pastime, whether it’s streaming video or playing games online. The unlimited data allowance will also be appreciated by anyone who works from home.

Won a Mozo Experts Choice Award for: 

  • Premium NBN Contract
  • Premium NBN No Lock-in

Heavy internet users and large households will love this option. With typical evening speeds of 80 Mbps, the Premium100 plan allows for seamless HD streaming, online gaming, and uploads and downloads of large files with ease. And at $74.95 per month, it’s one of the cheaper plans of its kind. If, however, 500 GB isn’t enough, you can sign up for the unlimited data option for $84.95 per month.

How to sign up for SpinTel

To sign up for one of SpinTel’s award-winning plans, all you’ll need to do is pay a visit to the SpinTel website. From there, you’ll be able to choose from a number of features to give you the NBN plan that’s best suited to your needs. You can pick from one of three speed tiers, choose a contract or no-contract option, and bundle together your phone plan if you like.

And if you’d like to see mor eoptions, check out the full list of Mozo Experts Choice NBN winners. And if you need a reminder of what the NBN has to offer, don’t forget to read our NBN guide.