Tangerine Telecom NBN plans

Since the NBN first rolled out in 2009, Tangerine Telecom has provided internet users with a range of flexible plans, all featuring unlimited data. But that’s not the only standout feature that has caught the eyes of our experts, Tangerine Telecom’s great value no lock-in contract plans also helped bag it a whopping five 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards, plus the title of NBN No Lock-in Provider of the Year.

About Tangerine Telecom

NBN users across the country have had access to Melbourne-based Tangerine Telecom’s plans for almost a decade.They specialise in NBN, with plan speed tiers that range anywhere between basic speeds all the way up to premium speeds.

If non-stop data is what you’re looking for, then it doesn’t matter what plan you choose with Tangerine Telecom, because all of them include unlimited data. Plus, when you sign up with Tangerine Telecom, you’ll pay for the first month of NBN usage but you won’t have to fork out any cash for additional setup fees.

Tangerine Telecom Mozo Experts Choice Award-winning NBN plans


Speed Boost

The Speed Boost plan offers unlimited data with standard internet speeds up to 21Mbps. If you’ve got around 3 internet users in your house streaming music, video and web browsing or you work from home, then this plan, at just $58.90 a month for the first 6 months ($68.90 thereafter), could be the one. Keep in mind, streaming multiple HD services at the same time may not work as well on this plan.

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Standard NBN No Lock-in


XL Speed Boost

If you’re looking to amp up the internet speed in your household, then take a closer look at XL Speed Boost. For an affordable $64.90 a month for the first 6 months ($74.90 thereafter), you’ll not only enjoy unlimited data but also 42Mbps typical evening speed. If that’s a bit confusing for you, basically, it’s designed for over 5 users and devices streaming music, HD video and web browsing all at the same time. 

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Unlimited Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in
  • Standard Plus NBN No Lock-in


XXL Speed Boost

The XXL Speed Boost plan is great for major internet-using households. It’s unlimited data combined with a well above average typical evening speed at 83Mbps, is perfect for larger households and multiple devices that regularly upload or download large files or online gamers. You’d be forgiven for thinking a speedy plan like this would put you out of pocket each month, but for the first 6 months, you can access this for a decent $69.90 per month ($79.90 thereafter). 

Won a 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Award for:

  • Unlimited Premium NBN No Lock-in
  • Premium NBN No Lock-in


How to sign up with Tangerine Telecom

To sign up to one of Tangerine Telecom’s Mozo Experts Choice Award winning plans, simply use their online service tool to select your NBN speed, modem option and whether you’d like to add a phone plan bandwidth boost for an extra bit of speed during peak times. 

The fee for the first month of your NBN plan is then charged at sign up plus any one-off NBN modem charge. If you’ve got any issues with the signup process, contact their technical support team who are available 7 days per week and during extended hours to help out.

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Plan information: The Tangerine Telecom NBN plan details above were accurate as of June 2019 when our awards were released, but may have changed since.