Tomi NBN Plans

Woman on laptop in living room using Tomi's award-winning NBN plan.

About Tomi

The focus at Tomi is to provide simple, affordable NBN plans to suit different kinds of internet users. In 2021, this smaller player took out multiple Mozo Experts Choice NBN Plan Awards

Tomi offers three speed tiers to choose from and all come with unlimited data allowances. You can lock in a 12-month contract with no set-up fees, or opt for a no-contract option for a $99 activation fee.

A modem will be included free of charge when you sign up to a contract plan with Tomi (except for a $15 delivery fee), but otherwise Tomi modems cost between $75 and $95. Or, if you already have an NBN compatible modem from a previous broadband plan, you can use this instead.

If you’re concerned about spending too much time online, you can track your internet usage through Tomi’s portal and keep records of how much you're spending. And if you’re still confused or concerned about anything to do with your Tomi NBN plan, there’s a technical team on call seven days a week. You can get in touch via phone, email or the chat function on the website.

Award-winning NBN plans from Tomi

Unlimited nbn Fast

  • Typical evening speed 20.91Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • $50 per-month for the 12-month contract

This is Tomi’s basic NBN plan, which took home a Mozo award in the Standard (NBN 25) category. It’ll suit lower internet usage households with typical evening speeds of 20.91Mbps and unlimited data, which comes at a price of $50 per-month if you choose the 12-month contract or $64.90 each month if you sign up to Tomi without a set contract. Remember there’s a $99 activation fee if you go with the non-contract option, and you’ll need to budget for purchasing a modem if you haven’t already got one (Tomi’s modems cost between $75 and $95 plus $15 delivery). 

Unlimited nbn Hyper

  • Typical evening speed 80Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • $84.90 per-month 

Tomi’s fastest NBN plan took home a Mozo Experts Choice Award win in the Creator (NBN 100/40) category, which means it could be perfect for anyone after lightening uploads and downloads needed for work or other creative digital pursuits. The Unlimited nbn Hyper plan features a typical evening speed of 80Mbps and unlimited data for $84.90 a month across both the contract and non-contract options. Don’t forget the $99 activation fee for non-contract plans, and the cost of purchasing a modem (Tomi’s are between $75 and $95 plus $15 delivery) if you haven’t already got one. 

Tomi's other NBN plan

Tomi’s mid-tier option, the Unlimited nbn Super Fast plan, provides the same unlimited data as the other options but with a typical evening speed of 43.6Mbps. Both the contact and non-contact options cost $74.90 per-month, and there’s the same conditions for modems, set-up costs and tech support as the other plans.

How to sign up with Tomi

To sign up to a broadband connection through Tomi, you’ll need to first choose one of their three plans and decide on the contract or non-contract options. Then you’ll be asked to provide your address to check if NBN is available in the area, let them know if there’s an existing NBN service connected at the address or not, and if you’d like to confirm the switch to Tomi.

Next, you can choose between the two Tomi modem options and add it to your set-up bill, or let them know you’ll BYO modem (at no extra cost). From here on in, it’s a simple process of filling in your personal and payment details, then you’re all set.

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