7 days, 7 saving strategies for a happier you

Today is the International Day of Happiness, a day that encourages you to stop and take the time to think about how you can create more happiness in your life.

Here at Mozo, we are issuing a special 7-day happiness challenge. Try these 7 money saving strategies and we guarantee at the end of the week, like Pharrell, you’ll “feel like a room without a roof.”

Day 1: Clear the clutter

Clean out your drawers and cupboards and sell your old stuff online or organise a trendy garage sale worthy of a Macklemore song. Those leopard print six-inches from 1999 are never coming back in season so give them a new loving home and yourself an extra $15.

And while you’re at it, give your finances a good decluttering by consolidating your credit card debt into one low interest balance transfer card. This means some serious savings on interest and fees and better yet, you won’t be ripping your hair out trying to keep up with which repayment is due when. Using Mozo’s Switch & Save Calculator, by switching from a credit card with a high 21.74% interest rate, you could save $3547 in interest and fees over a 3 year period - that’s sure to put a smile on your face!

Day 2: Enjoy an electronic free evening

One night this week, turn off ALL the electronic gadgets in your house (NO CHEATING!). Without the TV blaring and the kids glued to everything from their smartphones to iPads, you’ll help the environment, reduce your energy consumption and save a bit in the process. This is good preparation for Earth Hour coming up on March 28. If you’re scratching your head thinking what to do, go back to basics with a game of Cluedo to keep the family entertained. Hint: Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the revolver.

Day 3: Give up that pesky vice

Finally free yourself from the clutches of those Winnie reds! A simple number crunch will show that an average weekly spend of $50 on cigarettes could blow out to a whopping $2600 a year.

If you don’t have a naughty habit to break but would still like a challenge, get adventurous and give something like Meat Free Week a try. You would still see some pressure taken off your savings balance and might even grow your cooking skills set in vegetarian cuisine beyond scrambled eggs. Who said you don’t make friends with salad?

Day 4: Help a stranger

Embrace this year’s International Happiness Day theme - the importance of relationships - by giving peer to peer relationships a go. Think car sharing, house swapping and clothes swapping. Not only are these relationships social and sustainable, they have the potential to save you thousands. Love thy neighbour, indeed!

Day 5: Ditch the gym

Release those happy chemicals into your brain with a sweaty sesh of cardio. Instead of driving to the gym to hop on a treadmill, grab a mate and your runners and get down to the local park for an awesome workout. Guaranteed you will feel just as good with the added bonus of fattening up your savings account (while trimming your waistline).

Day 6: Share the love

If your bank or insurance provider is making you want to perform a rendition of “Oh Happy Days,” why not give back by hopping online and rating your bank on Mozo. You could win an iPad Air 2 for your efforts and would also be helping thousands of Aussies make better decisions about their financial products.

Day 7: Buy nothing new

You don’t need a special month to remind you not to waste money on things that you don’t need, can’t afford or won’t use after two weeks. Sidestep the unhappiness that debt brings by repairing your fixable stuff and go op shopping with your friends.

Have we missed any happy money saving tips? Share with us below!