Mozo’s 14 frugal Christmas hacks to get you through the festive season

Christmas is right around the corner and things have really started to get festive here at Mozo. The Secret Santa bowl has been passed around and the Christmas tree is standing tall - but we’re yet to be soothed by the velvety voice of Michael Bublé on the radio.

And since we’re all about saving Aussies money, we’ve rounded up some of the top Christmas Day hacks that’ll cut time and more importantly, keep your savings intact.

Skip the second fridge and still deliver the goods

If you come from a family that love a cold beer with their Christmas lunch, switch off the second fridge and instead store the grog upright in a cool/dark place. Your beer will still keep and you’ll  cut the cost of your energy bill.

Slow and steady wins the race

While we all love a good lamb roast, slow cookers and crockpots cut back on energy use and make for a more cost-efficient option for your Christmas cooking.

Go solar and keep the Christmas magic 

Christmas fairy lights are everyone’s favourite part of setting up the tree, but these bright, colourful lights may lose their magic once you see your electricity bill. To keep your bank account and kids happy, switch to solar fairy light alternatives.

Get frugally fancy

Turn your average drink into a chilled treat by dropping some frozen berries into the glass.

Shined to perfection

If you plan to present your Christmas creations on silver platters, skip the expensive polish and instead soak your silverware in a baking soda and salt bath, then wipe till dry and watch them shine.

Desperate times, desperate measures

On Christmas day, finding space in your oven becomes a luxury. Keep your plates toasty warm by placing them in the dishwasher after a cycle and refrain from opening the door.

Stay cool to stay festive

While Aussies are regularly treated to a warm Christmas day, blazing temperatures can fizzle out the fun. Keep your celebrations cool this Christmas without resorting to an energy-sucking aircon by setting up string awnings outside windows.

Create a last minute esky

If you get that ‘just around the corner’ text from a guest and need chilled wine ASAP, fill a bowl with ice and water before adding salt. Salt reduces the freezing of point of water and will melt the ice, making your wine ice-cold in no time.

Beats on a budget

Love a good Christmas carol but don’t want to cough up hundreds for a wireless speaker? No worries, just drop your smartphone into an empty cup and let Mariah Carey do what she does best.  

When life gives you lemons...clean your dishes

As you start moving Christmas leftovers from plates to tupperware, grab half a lemon (or lime), dip it baking soda and get scrubbing. The citrus-soda combination will cut through dirt and grime easy peasy, lemon squeezy (get it?).

Be a savvy Martha Stewart

The key to preparing a frugal Christmas lunch is to cook smarter, not harder. For instance, using pot lids when boiling, cooking multiple items when the oven is hot and taking care of Boxing Day meals by saving all leftovers.

Slip and slide your way to a cool Christmas

If the kids are starting to frown at the heat, bust out the sprinkler or slip and side to bring back the smiles. They’ll have fun, cool down while you won’t have to blast your air-con to keep the peace.

Give your wrapping paper an international spin

Whether you’ve forgotten to buy wrapping paper or you just want to try something different, old fabric makes an excellent (and cost-effective!) substitute and embraces the Japanese style furoshiki wrapping.

The final chilling hack, we promise

If you’ve exhausted all methods to chill your drinks ASAP, we’ve got one more hack to save the day. All you need to do is wrap your wine or beer in a damp teal towel and pop in it in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.

Need more tips to save money this festive season? Check out our Life & Money hub for more cost-cutting tips.