The Supermarket Wars: How to get Australia's best value Christmas feast

A Christmas feast is not complete without the classics such as Christmas hams, mince pies and tiger prawns and with the country’s major supermarkets going head to head, where should Australians shop for the best prices on their necessities this Christmas?

“With Christmas jingles already filling supermarket aisles, it pays to look past the tinsel to find the best value for your family,” said Mozo spokesperson, Tom Godfrey.

In search of the best value for money, Mozo sent a mystery shopper to Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to reveal where Australians can save money on their festive feasts.

The Christmas Supermarket Basket Shop

SupermarketTotal PriceStandardised Unit PriceSale Price

How little could you be paying?
From turkey and tiger prawns to Christmas cards and wrapping paper, Mozo found that Aldi delivered the cheapest basket overall, but that’s not to say lovers of Coles and Woolworths can’t find value for money. When it came down to unit pricing Aldi pulled right ahead when stacked up against it’s opposition. The biggest dollar savings were on Aldi tiger prawns selling for $26.66 a kilo compared to Coles and Woolworths charging an extra $7.34 for the same amount. Christmas hams and mince pies were among some of the other big ticket Aldi bargains, while Coles and Woolworths continue to go neck and neck on holiday essentials.

ProductAldi (Unit Price)Coles (Unit Price)Woolworths (Unit Price)
Frozen turkey breast$13.99 per kg$16.00 per kg$16.00 per kg
Prawns$26.66 per kg$34.00 per kg$34.00 per kg
Mince pies$1.47 per 360g$1.50 per 380g$1.48 per 380g
Gingerbread house$11.18 per 1.2kg$8.00 per 1.2kg$10.60 per 800g
Wrapping paper$2.99 per 5m$3.00 per 5m$2.00 per 5m

Coles, Woolworths or Aldi for Christmas lunch?

The cheapest basket price was at Aldi for $172.56 which was followed by Coles coming in at $222, then Woolworths at $232.34. According to Godfrey, ignoring unit pricing can significantly impact the value you get at the checkout. “For the best value added basket you’ll have to pound the pavement to all three supermarkets, but be sure to plan your purchases after comparing unit prices before you head in-store,” he said.

It turns out Aldi didn't always present the best value though, with Coles coming out on top on gingerbread house kits while Woolworths closely followed in terms of best value for money.  Although Aldi’s 500g gingerbread house kit for $6.99 had the cheapest purchase price, the 1.2kg item from Coles came to only $12. Similarly, when it came to wrapping paper, Woolworths delivered the best value with 5m for just $2, compared to $2.99 at Aldi and $3 at Coles.

5 frugal tips to save on your Christmas feast:

#1 Shop around - don’t remain loyal to an individual supermarket

#2 Do your research - price check online before heading in-store

#3 Compare the individual unit prices - when making purchases, check the weight of items as unit prices can reveal a lot about the item you are buying.

#4 Make a grocery list and stick to it!

#5 Consider a 0% balance transfer offer if your festive food budget puts your credit card balance under pressure. Check out Mozo’s balance transfer credit card comparison tool to find a card that works for you.

It pays to shop around this Christmas, and for more money savvy tips to help you save during the festive season, check out our guides and articles on the Mozo Family Finances section!