Financial issues listed by Aussies as top concern, says Roy Morgan

By Kirsty Timsans ·

According to the latest Roy Morgan Research, almost half of Aussies surveyed rank economic and financial issues as the most important problems facing Australia in the future -an increase of 11% since January 2015.

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Of these economic and financial issues the most important was the economy, economic problems and interest rates at 15%, followed by unemployment at 13%, the gap between the rich and poor at 3%, the Federal Budget and cost of living increases both at 2%.

“The sharp increase in these issues in the last few months comes after the steep falls in the prices of several key commodities -including Australia’s biggest exports of iron ore and coal, and also as Australia prepares for the Coalition Government’s second Federal Budget in a few weeks,” said Michele Levine, CEO Roy Morgan Research.

Analysis revealed that the problems that rated as the most important differed across States with New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania ranking the economy, economic problems and interest rates as the forefront concern facing Australia, whilst Victoria and Queensland viewed unemployment as the most pressing concern.

Other important problems facing Australia included social issues, politics and leadership,  religion, immigration and human rights issues followed by concern for environmental issues which has dropped to its lowest ever level in a decade at 6%.

Further research revealed terrorism, wars, security and economic and financial issues were equally rated as the most important problems facing the world in the future, despite terrorism related concerns decreasing by 16% since January.  

Levine said the large decrease in concern for terrorism related issues is “not surprising,” given the Charlie Hebdo shootings were fresh in the mind earlier in the year.

“The rise in economic and financial issues comes as the problems surrounding the Greek economy once again have come to the fore in recent months. There appears to be a high possibility of a Greek default with uncertain circumstance for the global economy in the next few months,” she said.

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