Home loan customers fume on the net

Banking customers are turning to the internet to air their grievances with their financial institution, prompting the Big Four to begin monitoring forums to gauge consumer sentiment.

The AAP reports that there has been a strong backlash from Commonwealth Bank home loan customers since the institution decided to raise its home loan interest rates, despite pleas from the government and the public to keep rates pegged back.

A new report from Nielsen Online has shown that banks are increasingly attuning their ears to the noise coming from microblogging site Twitter, although report author Mark Higginson was unsure of whether the banks were attempting to respond to their disgruntled customers.

Earlier this year, News.com.au technology blogger Alison Godfrey announced that it would certainly appear that banks are looking to keep their online customers sweet.

The commentator was surprised to receive an apologetic call from Commonwealth’s head of customer service a little more than an hour after posting a message on Twitter claiming that the bank had made a mess of her application.

The home loan was formally approved the following afternoon.

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