Loyalty to Big 4 costs home loan customers $6 billion in savings each year

Kirsty Timsans

Friday 30 October 2015

Mozo has calculated that borrowers who remain with a Big 4 home loan despite recent interest rate hikes are missing out on a collective $6.08 billion of cash savings each year or $17 million a day.

Loyalty to Big 4 costs home loan customers $6 billion in savings each year

Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont said that big bank customers should be compelled to look around because they are missing out on a potential pile of cash savings by sticking with what they know instead of taking the opportunity to shop around for a better deal.

“Knowing you could be up for a share of $6 billion should be enough of an incentive to switch to the lowest going rate on the market,” she said.

According to our home loan database the lowest rate on the market available now is 3.84% from online lender iMortgage, where monthly repayments would be $305 less than the new average Big 4 standard variable rate.


Lamont said Westpac customers would receive the largest windfall, saving as much as $3,816 a year by switching to the lowest rate, followed by CBA and NAB customers.

While ANZ’s new variable rate is the lowest of the Big 4 at 5.56%, homeowners could still save more than $3,500 annually by switching to the lowest home loan rate.

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