Making sure money doesn't spoil the mood

With new figures showing that Australians everywhere are tightening their belts, it is important to make sure that money worries do not drag relationships down.

According to Relationships Australia, money tops the list of the biggest stresses placed on a relationship, followed up by work and kids.

Because of this, Kaye Swanton, chief of Life Works Relationship Counselling, told that it was vital that couples find a way to sound out each other’s attitude to money to avoid running into conflict.

She noted that the biggest cause of stress was managing home loans and rent, followed by the costs of bringing up the kids and handling household expenses.

“Disposable incomes are shrinking and we’re seeing a massive tightening of belts which impacts on couples,” she warned.

In an attempt to minimise the impact, she urged couples to align their finances at an early stage of the relationship to avoid running into cash conflicts further down the line.

Back in May, Relationship Australia warned that many employees are finding it increasingly difficult to juggle their home and work life as the amount of hours spent in the office increases.ADNFCR-1761-ID-18792274-ADNFCR