More people search for property in Australia

Aussies could be tempted to compare home loans sooner rather than later following suggestions of increased interest from overseas buyers.

According to Tanya Powley, a personal finance reporter on FT Money specialising in mortgages and the housing market, Australia is near the top of the list for Britons looking to buy overseas property.

The comments came on the Financial Times' Money Show, which discussed how job losses and inflation rises in the UK are pushing people into other property markets.

This increased interest could push up prices and therefore prompt Aussies to bring forward there purchasing ambitions.

Ms Powley, commented: "It seems that Australia is right up there. They have seen more than a doubling of interest in January alone. Following that we have got New Zealand and Canada so these are obviously all the English-speaking countries where people tend to emigrate to.

"I guess with the January blues people are looking to those sunnier climates like Australia. Rightmove has actually provided a table of the top ten climates and in that top ten the majority of them were in locations within Australia and New Zealand."

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