Setting goals for 2013 is the key to being financially better off.

Australians aspiring to be better off in 2013 should be setting goals, starting with their home loan according to AMP financial planner Dianne Charman.

Many Australians choose improving their financial situation as their New Years resolution, but many are not aware of of the best strategy to improving their circumstances. Ms Charman explained that many are good at setting short term goals but neglect planning medium to long-term goals. People need to set mini goals with that longer-term goal in mind," She said.

Similarly, Perth Now, recently released expert backed information on how to go about improving personal finance situation, covering three key areas of home loans, tax and super.

Australians should pay particular attention to their mortgages it advised. Many people are not even aware what interest rate they are paying on their home loan. QT's Financial Planning's General Manager Sloan Wilkens said, "Competition is hot among banks for your loan so shop around." He also advised homeowners to look beyond the headline interest rates and be sure that their home loan is right for their needs.

Mr Wilkens also recommended for Australians to be prepared for 'Tax Time' by staying ahead, collecting receipts and other documents that are required for their tax return. 

As a long term financial goal Aussies should plan to boost their superannuation. The Federal Government will be upping the Super Guarantee by 9 percent in 2013 to 9.25 percent and is expected to rise to a further 12 percent in the next six years. Improving superannuation is a key goal to a secure financial situation in retirement.

For those Australians looking to kick off 2013 on the right note, start with a home loan health check to make sure you're getting the best deal on your mortgage.

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