The real facts you need to know before State of Origin thanks to the ABS

While millions of eyeballs will be glued to tv screens tonight in New South Wales and Queensland for the 2017 State of Origin series decider, the real victors of the interstate rivalry may have already been revealed thanks to ABS data.

That’s right, newly released figures from the ABS’s (Australia Bureau of Statistics) 2016 census show that the median monthly mortgage repayment for Queenslanders is a tidy $253 lower than that paid by homeowners in New South Wales.

The divide is also reflected in the median house price of each state's capital city, with Sydney hitting $1,000,500 last month - almost double that of Brisbane’s median price which dropped slightly in June to $513,000.

But the news isn’t all bad for residents on the south side of the border though, with New South Wales households ($1,486) outstripping their Queensland ($1,402) rivals by $84 a week when it comes to median income.  

It turns out New South Welshman might be a bit little more tech-savvy than Queenslanders as well, with the ABS revealing that 64.9% of people in New South Wales filled out their census online compared to 62.9% of people in Queensland.

So with the scorecard between the state’s fairly even you’re probably wondering which side the team at here at Mozo will be backing tonight...

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