Wealthier Australians are more likely to ditch their bank.

According to the latest research by Mozo, when it comes to their banking products, Australians are most unhappy with their personal loans but when it comes to making a switch and saving money, the rich switch while the poor stick.

Overall, the inaugural 2013 Mozo Bank Switching index stands at 12.6 percent for respondents who said they were planning to switch at least one banking product. Astonishingly, those earning over $180,000 were twice as likely to switch credit card providers to get a better deal compared to other income brackets. According to Mozo's managing director Rohan Gamble the news is worrying as it is those who need the money most that aren't shopping around for better deals.

"High income earners may be savvier when it comes to financial matters. But if you're on minimum wage, the thousands of dollars a year you could be saving with a better home loan or cheaper credit card really count," said Mr Gamble.

Australians were most unhappy with their personal loans of all their banking products. Almost 1 in 5 Australians were keen to ditch their personal loan or credit card provider to get a better deal. In comparison only 1 in 10 were looking to switch their savings or current accounts but within this category, the online banks were miles ahead of their counterparts, specifically ING Direct, where just 1.5 percent intended to switch.

"Paying out money is clearly a bigger concern than saving money: Australians seem keener to minimise their debt than maximise their savings. Home loan repayments are the biggest bill for most households, and with record low rates on offer people want to chase the best deals," said Rohan Gamble.

"By contrast credit cards rates have remained sky-high in recent months, despite the cash rate falling, so it's no wonder people are unhappy with their card providers."

However things are looking up for the banks, customers are much happier than the last two quarters where intentions to switch were 14.6 percent and then 13.1 percent.

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