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As the name suggests, car insurance from 1st For Women is designed for Australian females and will reward you with a lower premium in return for being a responsible driver. So if you’re an Aussie woman in the market for a new policy, all you need to know about this insurer is detailed on this page. See if 1st For Women ticks all the right boxes for you…

1st for Women offers the following car insurance policies

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FAQs about 1st For Women car insurance

What’s included in 1st For Women’s Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Not included?

Any extras I can pay a higher premium for?

Yes, you can opt to lower the excess that applies to your windscreen (so if it gets damaged you’ll pay less or nothing at all), hire car cover for when a thief steals your car (Ts and Cs apply) and No Claim Discount Protection (which protects your record if you make one claim a year, or two claims in three years) for a higher premium.

What does the “excess” mean?

It’s simply the amount you’re required to pay before 1st for Women would step in and pay the rest if you’re involved in a incident. For instance, let’s say a tree branch fell on your car and dented it. If your excess was $700 and the repairs cost $1,000, you’d pay the excess while 1st For Women would fork out $300 (provided your claim went through).

With 1st For Women you choose for your excess, which can range from $650 - $1,850. If you’re a young driver or only recently started hitting the roads, you may be given a designated excess. Remember, as a rule of thumb, the higher the excess, the lower your premium will be because you’re accepting more risk financially.

How can I get a quote?

Simply head to 1st For Women’s official site and follow the prompts on the application page. The cost of your premium will depend on how you answer key questions, such as the make and model of your car and where you park your set of wheels at night. If you’re looking for the cheapest quote possible and fit the criteria you can put an age restriction on your policy. Best of luck!

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