Buzz Car Insurance: Dangerous driving is 'the norm'

Dangerous driving is becoming "the norm" in Australia, with a large proportion of accidents caused by drink-driving, it has been observed.

Buzz Car Insurance chief executive Jacki Johnson told the Noosa Journal that a recent poll by her company found that dangerous driving is now massively widespread, with 99 per cent of Australian motorists having witnessed hazardous driving.

It was also noted that according to a 2009 survey by Australian website Drinking Mate, more than 40 per cent of all traffic accidents are caused by drunk drivers.

Ms Johnson said that such offences have a major bearing when people come to compare car insurance.

"What many drivers don't realise is that, when applying for car insurance in the future, they will have to reveal all former drink-driving penalties or disqualifications and may not be given insurance" she said.

The Noosa Journal was reporting after Police Superintendent Ben Hanbidge announced a new crackdown on drink-driving on the Sunshine Coast following numerous fatal crashes in the past three years where alcohol had been a factor.

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