Car buyers could face delays in flood-hit areas

Motorists in Queensland could face delays when seeking to acquire new cars because of the recent flooding, an Ipswich car dealer has warned.

Greg Boettcher, general manager of Ian Boettcher Motors, said that customers who had purchased new cars may have to wait to pick up their vehicles because of a shortage of car registration plates.

Speaking to The Queensland Times, he added that car dealers in Ipswich and Brisbane had been frantically calling each other to see if anyone had spare plates to cover the shortage, which has come about after the plate manufacturing plant was badly hit by the floods.

The problem could affect motorists looking to compare car insurance after a new vehicle purchase. "It has the ability to really affect our business – if we can't deliver cars because we don't have the plates, people won't want to pay us," said Mr Boettcher.

However, a Transport and Main Roads spokesperson told the newspaper that while there was some impact due to flooding, standard number plates would not run out.

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