Car insurance costs add to Cairns' debt troubles

The average household in Cairns is struggling to keep up with rising utility bills, grocery prices and insurance costs, new research shows.

A study of census data and household expenditure by the Weekend Post has revealed that the weekly total of bills paid by Cairns homeowners is putting severe pressure on many household budgets, reported.

Indeed, it was shown that utilities and other costs have gone up markedly in recent years, with the average homeowner now spending $2,253 a year, or $43 a week, on council rates and water charges alone.

Other rising costs identified by the research included car running bills, insurance and mortgage repayments.

Aussies looking to cut down on everyday expenses could choose to compare car insurance and switch provider. Speaking to, North Queensland Lifeline co-ordinator Tania Eldridge noted that many households in the area are being forced to make tough choices about how they spend their money.

"I know people are saying the global financial crisis is over, employment is better, things are looking good," she said.

"But when you're at the coalface like we are, that goes on for probably another two years before things get better for people."

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