Car insurance delays continue after storm

Residents in Perth are still waiting for their cars and homes to be repaired six months after a major storm hit the city.

Following the storm on March 22nd, the Insurance Council of Australia quickly declared it a "general insurance catastrophe", ABC News reported.

Since then, insurance companies have received more than $1 billion in claims for the incident, the news network said.

The backlog has meant that many people continue to face a wait for repair work to be done.

For example, Dee Sidhu revealed that the latest date her repairer has given her for work on her car is as late as August next year.

"I feel like the storm damage claims are being put to the end of the queue and if that is the case it's not fair, we pay our insurance like everybody else," she told ABC News.

Australians looking for better service and policy deals should compare car insurance and consider switching provider. The Motor Trade Association commented that long delays were always expected given the sheer number of cars that were damaged in the storm.

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