Car insurance dodgers spotted by hi-tech cameras

Police officers in Camden, New South Wales, are using hi-tech camera technology to spot car insurance dodgers and other motoring offences, it has been revealed.

According to the Camden Advertiser, highway patrol officers recently received a new patrol vehicle fitted with "mobile automated number plate recognition technology" that can read the number plates of vehicles travelling more than 110km/h.

The technology, which detects number plates to the front and sides of the police vehicle using three infrared cameras, can also read up to six number plates per second before comparing them against a database.

Officers are then instantly notified of stolen, unregistered and uninsured vehicles and any other relevant information, the newspaper said.

"Cars that otherwise would not have drawn any attention from police are constantly being detected," commented Camden highway patrol officer Senior Constable Mark Ward.

"Those people driving around without registration or insurance should be warned there is nowhere to hide and they will be caught and face hefty fines."

Motorists looking for good deals can choose to compare car insurance in search of the best policies. News of the hi-tech police car comes as Camden Highway Patrol looks to promote its "Operation Billit" campaign aimed at encouraging safe driving during the summer.

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