Car parks are prime locations for accidents

Drivers are far more likely to lose their precious no-claims bonus on their car insurance policies when attempting to negotiate parking spaces.

We've all tried to fit our vehicle into the tightest space possible in a cramped supermarket car park, haven't we?

Although you are obviously less likely to injure yourself in a low-speed collision, the fact of the matter is car parks are crash hotspots.

According to the RAA, a lot of car insurance claims are filed when people are trying to reverse.

In fact, the organisation stated that 62 per cent of all reversing accidents involve both parties travelling backwards.

You really do have to take extra care when working your way out of a busy car park, as the cost of the potential damage that can be caused to your vehicle can mount up.

"Plastic bumper bars are anywhere between $300-$1,000 and then you have to look at matching paint, fitting and of course the inconvenience," commented RAA claims manager Tony Phillips.

"For bumper repairs you're likely to be without your car for a couple of days."

Insurance companies are understandably inundated with claims related to a reversing collision.

Sometimes it can be difficult to assess who is to blame, but the general rule of thumb is that people who are travelling backwards usually have to accept liability.

"It doesn't matter if you reverse into a car that was parked in the wrong spot or 'edge out' into somebody who is speeding in a car park – if you are the only party reversing you are 100 per cent liable for the insurance claim," Mr Phillips added.

Cash-strapped Aussies are obviously desperate to safeguard their no-claims bonus, so anything that can reduce their chances of having a crash will be welcomed.

The RAA believes that reversing technology is useful, but the group insisted that people who install the gadgets still need to drive diligently. That means drivers must use their mirrors, look over their shoulders and assess their blind spots before completing a manoeuvre.

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