Cash-strapped Aussies are putting off car repairs

It is certainly no secret that times are hard for many Australians and a lot of people have been forced to make economies somewhere in order to free up more cash to cover the rising cost of living.

Unfortunately, it appears that motorists are putting off making minor repairs to their cars to save some money and this is making the country's roads increasingly dangerous places to be.

According to a new study commissioned by Bingle Car Insurance, 57 per cent of all Aussies in the eastern states have swerved maintenance costs because they simply could not afford to have the work done, the Courier-Mail reports.

Spokeswoman for the company Melanie Vine said that ignoring minor repairs often proves to be an expensive mistake.

"People may feel cosmetic repairs can go without attention a little longer, but putting it off can lead to more costly repair jobs further down the track," she was quoted as saying.

Of course, the most pressing concern is the heightened probability of road collisions and Ms Vine insisted that vehicles require regular servicing to ensure brakes are up to scratch.

"Brake failure can cost you much more than a couple of hundred dollars if it happens while you're trying to stop at a red light," she added.

Although the RAA recently told the Advertiser that the overall cost of motoring in Australia has fallen by 0.4 per cent in the past 12 months, it is obvious that many car owners are struggling to cope with insurance, fuel and maintenance expenses.

A separate study conducted by Bingle earlier this year showed that 10.6 million motorists on Australia's east coast have to pay about $57.3 billion every year just to keep their car on the road.

There were also significant differences across each state and drivers in Queensland were under the greatest amount of pressure as the price of petrol – which accounts for around 52 per cent of the overall cost of motoring – is sky-high throughout the territory.

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