Certain days could be riskier than others for drivers

It is obvious that you are more likely to have a car accident at certain times of the day and many prangs occur during rush hour in the morning and evening.

But do motorists face a bigger risk on the roads on certain days of the week?

A new study conducted by a US-based car insurance provider has suggested that Friday may be the worst day to head out in your vehicle.

Nationwide Insurance assessed claims made so far in 2012 and found that most collisions occurred on the final day of the working week.

When you think about it, there is logic behind these findings.

After all, most of us know what it is like to get that Friday feeling and the last thing we want to be doing is wasting the first few hours of the weekend sat in our cars, so we will inevitably drive a little faster than normal.

The organisation noted that 4,664 claims were made on a Friday – way ahead of second-placed Wednesday with 4,197.

For the record, Tuesday was deemed to be the safest day of the week to take to the roads.

Associate vice president of safety at the insurer Bill Windsor believes that drivers are too easily distracted these days.

"Regardless of when or where we drive, we all play a part in making our roads safer for each other," he remarked.

"Focus on the task at hand – driving – and resist the temptation of your cell phone by turning it off or avoiding reading your text messages and emails."

Another intriguing study recently conducted by AAMI found that people in New South Wales are more likely to crash their car than vehicle owners in other states.

The research also indicated that nose-to-tail shunts were the most common form of accident in the state – accounting for 30.4 per cent of all incidents.

There are numerous reasons for this, as drivers often travel too fast to be able to stop in time and, as Mr Windsor mentioned, a lot of people get far too easily distracted at the wheel.

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