Choose parking locations carefully to reduce car insurance quotes

The place a vehicle is parked each night can have an impact on the car insurance quotes Aussies get, as safer locations could result in cheaper cover.

People concerned about the cost of insurance for their motor may want to consider finding off-road parking.

Ideally, those who are hoping to keep their payments to a minimum should try to park their car in a garage overnight rather than leaving them on the road.

This is because machines kept inside when not in use are considered to be lower risk prospects as they are less likely to be damaged or stolen when stored in this way.

Other ways to get cheap car insurance quotes include adding extra security features to automobiles and reducing the amount of driving done in them.

Avoiding driving to work and taking public transport instead may help to keep the cost of cover at a manageable level.

Data from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council published earlier this year revealed that in 2010, older cars were at greater risk of being stolen than new ones.

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