Choose your vehicle carefully to avoid high car insurance premiums

Aussies in the market for a new vehicle may be focusing on details such as horsepower, fuel efficiency and even image when selecting a new motor, but those counting their cents may also want to consider how much their car insurance will be when making a selection.

While breaking the bank for a pricey vehicle may have enable drivers to turn heads with their shiny new machine, the cost of insuring an expensive car could cause problems for some.

Consequently a cheaper and less flashy option may be a better choice. Less macho motors may also have the added benefit of being unattractive to thieves – another consideration that car insurance firms will take into account when issuing a quote.

Those who want small and quick vehicles may face higher premiums as they are often driven by young and reckless motorists so are deemed to have a higher risk of collision than larger slower cars.

Michael Case, RACV manager of vehicle engineering recently stated: "It's important to look at the whole picture when shopping for a vehicle."

He added that the cost of filling the tank, stamp duty, registration and car insurance should all be considerations.