Choosing a vehicle for low car insurance quotes

Aussies in the market for a new vehicle but who are concerned about the day-to-day costs involved in running their machine may want to try reducing their outgoings by picking a machine with relatively low car insurance fees.

When selecting an automobile, Aussies hoping for low insurance levels should try to get one with plenty of security features such as an immobiliser and alarm fitted.

While these may be fitted later to cut the cost of insurance, drivers should take care not to purchase a machine with other modifications, as this can push up the price of a policy.

Cars that are rare or feature hard-to-find or expensive components might also be costly to insure, as any repairs could cost more than they would on other vehicles.

The power and speed of the vehicle is also important, as faster machines could prove more expensive to get cover for.

This comes after research by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council revealed that in 2010, older cars were in more danger of being stolen than newer machines.

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