Choosing the right model of car is important

Aussies are passionate about their motor vehicles and there is a traditional rivalry between Ford and Holden owners.

People down under are particularly picky about which model they purchase and this decision can have a big impact on their car insurance premiums.

A new study conducted by Los Angeles-based has discovered how different insurers view various brands of vehicle.

It found that Nissan drivers pay 11 per cent more than someone who owns a similar car that is manufactured by Toyota. As well as this, the organisation revealed that BMW owners generally pay 25 per cent more than the average Mercedes enthusiast. columnist Andrew Evans said that in the current economic climate, cutting your insurance costs by up to a quarter is a very appealing proposition.

Of course, there are lots of different variables that car insurers consider when calculating someone's policy. Anybody who has a record of motoring offences or a history of being involved in accidents will obviously find it far more difficult to find a cheap quote than someone who has an unblemished licence.

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