Comparing car insurance prices is crucial

People who fail to compare car insurance policies when they buy a new vehicle are highly likely to be throwing money away.

In the past you could be forgiven for settling for the first quote that you were offered. After all, filling in all of your details every time you visited a different insurer was painstaking to say the least.

However, this excuse does not hold any water whatsoever these days.

You only need to enter your details into our comparison site once and everything else is done for you.

A list of potential insurers will be generated and you can browse through each one to check what level of cover they are providing and more importantly – the cost.

Of course, your premiums will vary depending on your circumstances. If you have made previous claims or you have a history of speeding infringements, your policy is going to cost more than someone with a clean record.

No matter how tempting it may be to bend the truth, it is vital that the information you provide is 100 per cent accurate. Insurers always root out liars in the end and your policy will be void.

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