Drivers in Victoria fined $61m this year

Car insurance customers and other motorists in Victoria have paid $61 million in fines for breaking road rules and speeding so far this year.

Data from the Baillieu government revealed that an average of 3,624 fines were issued each day through evidence gathered using speed cameras, reports the Sunday Herald Sun.

Over $24.1 million was raised through mobile speed cameras, while a further $23.1 million came from speed and red-light intersection cameras.

Sonia Heath, spokesperson for police minister Peter Ryan, stated that the speed cameras were in use to encourage motorists to slow down.

"The minister has initiated sweeping reforms and introduced greater public accountability around the use of road safety cameras," she asserted.

Last week, a survey conducted by SGIO of motorists in Western Australia revealed that three out of five drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 will take more risks on the road when they are stressed.