Drivers need to be wary of flood-damaged cars

Aussie drivers need to be cautious when buying a new vehicle, as some unscrupulous people are selling cars that have been damaged by flood water without informing the buyer.

Motorists will find their car insurance policy may be deemed void if the insurer is not made aware of the vehicle's history.

Clearly, this is not the fault of the claimant who bought the vehicle in good faith – but it does reiterate the need to make enquiries when buying a new car.

According to the boss of vehicle website David Scognamiglio, the large number of floods that have blighted Australia in recent years means it is inevitable that many cars entering the market will have been damaged in some way, the Courier-Mail reports.

"But that doesn't stop some sellers trying to rip off unsuspecting buyers," he told the news provider, before stating that he expects thousands of people to be lumbered with a flood-damaged car in the next few months.

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