Europeans drive far more eco-friendly cars than Aussies

Aussies have always had a love affair with big gas guzzling muscle cars and this has obviously not been too kind on the environment.

Having a big vehicle has traditionally been seen as something of a status symbol, but with global warming becoming an increasingly big problem, the time for change could be upon us.

New figures released by the National Transport Commission showed that the average carbon emission produced by Aussie motorists stood at 198g/km in 2011, which did not compare favourably with the 136.1g/km emitted by the average European.

This marked a difference of 45 per cent and highlights the need for Aussies to take a more responsible approach to vehicle ownership.

After all, there are plenty of benefits to be had from scaling down the size of your car or van. As well as the obvious environmental advantages, drivers who buy cars with smaller engines will not spend as much on fuel and, in all likelihood, their car insurance premiums will also come down.

At a time when the cost of motoring is sky-high, every penny certainly counts.

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