Faulty road leads to 'multiple crashes' in Victoria

A motorist in Victoria has expressed her anger after a dangerous road appeared to cause four accidents within just two days.

Lauren Groves, 20, told the Warrnambool Standard that she had been forced to kick her way out through the rear door of her car after skidding on loose gravel along a section of Wangoom Road last week.

The Deakin University student revealed that she is now faced with paying an $950 excess on her comprehensive car insurance and that the vehicle "may even possibly be a write-off".

Ms Groves also told the newspaper that she had witnessed evidence of two other crashes that day and that when she returned to the scene the following morning, it appeared another vehicle had come adrift in the loose gravel.

"What I'm really annoyed with is that it's not really well signed," she said. "When I had my accident I saw a sign saying traffic hazard but that was right where it [the gravel] was. I slowed down to 80 kilometres but I still crashed."

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