Fines 'lower than parking costs in Sydney'

Car insurance customers in Sydney may find risking a fine for parking by the side of the road is a more financially savvy option than paying the fees for leaving their car in a proper spot.

Aussies driving in the city may have to pay up to $142 for a day's parking, or $89 to stay for more than three hours, reports the Daily Telegraph.

However, those who opt to find a kerbside bay may only have to fork out $86 as a fine for leaving their vehicle in the wrong place.

Larry Schneider, Parking Association president, observed that the recent tax on off street parking for hotels, councils and commercial car parks has pushed fees too high.

He claimed the measure designed to reduce congestion by discouraging commuters from driving into the central business district has had the opposite effect as many simply drive around more looking for a place on the street to park.

Earlier this month, an MSN article found that Sydney was the sixth most expensive city in the world for motorists to park in.