Just Car Insurance promotes 'legal road monster'

An insurance company has encouraged a car modification firm in Braeside, Victoria, to turn a standard motor into a souped-up, "legally modified monster", it has been reported.

According to the Mordialloc Chelsea Leader, Sam Pansino and Brett Morris of Phatt Audio Concepts have converted an average $19,000 Nissan Skyline into a $60,000 version as part of Just Car Insurance's Canvas2Kickass online project.

Modified car lovers across Australia have been able to vote on every step of the process ahead of the car being given away to one voter.

"It's been like we've been doing one of those choose your own adventure books," Mr Morris told the newspaper.

"We wanted to show that you can drive a head turner of a car, with an awesome body kit, amazing rims and a killer audio system, but still keep it street legal."

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