Modifications and their effect on car insurance

Modifying a car may be an attractive option for those who love their vehicle but want it to be a bit more powerful, but it is important to consider the impact altering a machine can have on car insurance policies.

Before making mechanical improvements to a vehicle, it may be worth checking on the effect they will have on car insurance quotes, because it could result in higher premiums.

Making a machine more powerful or flashy could cause insurers to view it as a higher-risk proposition to cover, whether this is because it makes it more attractive to thieves or because it is considered more likely to be involved in an accident.

Also, those who fit rare or expensive parts to their car could face higher insurance charges because if something needs fixing the cost could prove higher than it would have before the modifications.

However, not all improvements will result in higher insurance premiums, as those who opt to upgrade the security features of their automobile may find they actually reduce the amount they are required to pay their insurers.

Drivers may also want to ensure they do not take to the road when stressed, as a survey of motorists in Western Australia conducted by SGIO found that three in five young people are more likely to take risks on the road when wound up, something that could result in accidents and higher insurance premiums in the future.ADNFCR-1761-ID-800735281-ADNFCR