Modifying a car 'can bump up car insurance'

Aussies hoping to save money by getting a cheap car insurance next time they have to renew their policy should try to avoid making any modifications to the vehicle.

Making changes to the car, for example fitting a more powerful engine or adding alloy wheels could make the machine more expensive to get cover for.

Alterations that boost the speed of the vehicle may make insurers view it as a more high risk insurance prospect, which will push up premiums.

Also flashy features could make the automobile more tempting to thieves, which again will prompt those giving quotes to push premiums up.

Changing a car could also make it more likely to require repairs and the cost of these may be higher if rare or expensive parts have been fitted.

If insurers feel repairing a car with modifications will cost more, then the premiums they require may well be higher than for a vehicle with no alterations.ADNFCR-1761-ID-801212655-ADNFCR